Independent Schools

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Ask what technology is being used in the school. There are a lot of technological advancements in the education sector which making learning fun for the children and easy for the teacher. Technology also makes it easy for students to research more whenever needed on certain topics. Ask what technology is used in the classroom, in the library, halls and other parts of the school. If the school has invested well in technology, then you are convinced that your child is getting much more than they would in public schools.

Technological advancements used include smart boards, computers, projectors, public address systems among many others.for your children, it is important that you are convinced that your child will get the best. This is important considering that private school education does not come cheap. So when you visit that school besides being awed by the incredible architecture you might find in such schools and the properly manicured lawns and fields, it is important that you know what questions to ask to determine how good the school is. Here are some questions you should consider asking.

Safety of the children in school should be a major priority. You do not want to take your child to a school where they are prone to dangers right, left and center. It is important to check if the school has, for instance, exit doors, windows without grills, firefighting equipment, security personnel, anti-slip floors and so many other security features. Also, check if they have a security policy which regulates what things students may not bring to school like guns and knives. Also, check if there are any penalties and punishments provided for in the policy for those who go against the set security policies. The school should also have safety precautions and procedures placed out in different locations in the school. There should also be the constant training of the students and the workers in the class on security issues.

This is an important question. Training is crucial in the school, and without it, learning may not take place. It is important however that the school has policies that help to deal with discipline issues. A good school will only settle for suspension or expulsion as a last resort. Control issues should be handled with the support of the parent and counselors. The independent schools Vancouver should be able to provide such channels and more to handle with discipline cases.