Insurance Broker Training Online 

Introduction: Insurance in itself is a very wide subject, and can be covered in volumes of books. Insurance is basically a contract between an Insurer (the company granting an insurance cover) and the insured (the person or company taking out an insurance cover), where the insurer undertakes to compensate the insured incase of a risk occurring. The risks may be fire, accident, theft, burglary and others. 

Due to the complex nature of the activities in the insurance industry, ordinary members of the public find it difficult to fully understand the operations in this industry. The insurance Broker therefore comes in to link the members of the public and the insurance company, by way of selling policies offered by the insurance company to the public. He earns a commission known as brokerage fee, which is determined by the value of the policies he helps sell to the public.  

The Methods Adopted to Train Insurance Brokers Online: 

  1. Uploaded videos on popular channels 

Uploaded videos have uplifted the carriers of many individuals in various industries and still continues to do so more than ever before. It is a suitable avenue that can be used to train insurance brokers as many educative videos on insurance training are uploaded daily. This is a cheap way of insurance broker training online, as what is required is only the internet access. 

  1. Webinars 

These are purpose conferences undertaken virtually over the internet and online, and may be used to train individuals from time to time on a particular activity. In the insurance industry where new developments come up, it is considered an effective way of training insurance brokers. The trainees may be required to part with a small fee from time to time, depending on the Webinar presentation and host. 

  1. Online Courses 

Many colleges, administering various courses, have adopted online lessons and upon completion by the enrolled learners, issue certificates to successful candidates. This method of insurance broker training online has become popular due to the convenience and the fact that most trainees may already be under employment. 


The internet offers a good and effective avenue for training insurance brokers, most of the methods of training are both effective and convenient, and can be effectively used by the insurance companies to train their employees, or individuals can also use it to easily enhance their skills and operations in this industry. 

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